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Women’s Amazon Jungle Conference in Pucallpa, Peru.

peru2Oikos Church have planted many Churches in the Amazon Jungle working amongst the indigenous Shipibo Tribes People. El Color De Esperanza with Oikos held their first Women’s Jungle Conference bringing God’s Love, Hope and Teaching new Creative Skills.


runs El Color De Esperanza and is a Spanish speaking member of Oikos church in Lima.


“I want to tell you that this was my second trip to the jungle, but it was a bit different because this time we went with the female leaders from Oikos and Jane. When I arrived at the church where we were going to do the conference, I found many women there with scared expressions on their faces because they didn’t know what Jane would do and when I said we were going to paint and draw they were surprised and many felt very insecure because they all said they wouldn’t be able to and that they truly had no idea how to. But when Jane started to tell them that God had created them and that they were loved daughters, and talk to them about how God could peru1heal them through art and save them from a grey mundane life and he could paint their hearts in many colours, these Shipibo women who were sad and lacking belief in themselves that they had any talent, started to paint and do incredible things.”


Member of Oikos church in Lima who comes from the Shipibo people. She was the main translator between Spanish and Shipibo at the Women’s Conference.

peru4“When Jane arrives almost all the women said “How is it that this woman has such a big heart for God and for us that she has come from very far away to teach us God’s word and art.” They also said “How does she know so much about our problems, difficulties and fears?”

peru6They also said how much they would like her to come regularly to teach them more about the word of God and art, and that it would happen often.

At the end of the conference they were very impacted by the teaching that they had received from Jane. Regarding the journals they were very peru5happy and kept saying they had never done anything like this before and they were really surprised at themselves on seeing how beautiful their work turned out. They said, “Yes, we can do something in life!”

Peruvian Amazon Jungle Outreach

Art workshops were held in various communities along the Ucayali River to share the Gospel and break the culture, language, age and gender barriers amongst the Indigenous Tribes of the Peruvian Amazon and the visiting team, bringing love and unity.

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