Pakistan Testimonies

Over the last two years many large evening meetings have been held on visits to the Punjab with numerous Miracles, Signs and Wonders being recorded.

Signs & wonders

pakistan3At one meeting where Jane was speaking, a photo was taken by a team member on her camera and later she discovered a young western looking woman running through the crowds just where the men where sitting. She was dressed in white clothes with blonde hair and was completely transparent, you could see the boys sitting behind. Jane was standing on a stage right where she was running, but there was no such person seen plus Jane and her intercessor were the only pakistan2western women present. On praying Jane felt God say the young woman was an angel representing freedom, many healings were reported that evening.

Some of the Recorded miracles

A woman came to three nights of meetings, she had a cancerous throat tumour about 4″ in size. Nothing happened at the meetings and on the last night she went home to bed. When she woke up in the morning, she went to the bathroom to wash and looked in the mirror the pakistantumour had gone! She couldn’t believe her eyes so she bit her arm by her wrist to see if she was awake or had died! Then she called her family for them to check her to make sure she wasn’t dreaming! They came to see and she was completely healed! She jumped for joy, praising God and thanking him. She is 37 years old.

A man who was blind for 15 years received his sight back two weeks after the meeting he attended.


Over the loud speaker

A young girl 24 years old was very sick and as if dead, hardly able to eat or drink and only laying on her bed. She had been suffering this sickness for 10 years. All her family came to a meeting but the Father stayed at home as he felt so hopeless about his daughter’s condition and had given up on her being healed. Then he heard Jane’s voice on a loud speaker telling people to lay hands on their bodies as she stood with them in prayer for healing. He layed his hands on his daughter. The next night she started to move a little, a couple of days later she was able to move completely, walk, take a bath and eat!

On the mobile

A woman who lives in Pakistan but her husband works in United Arab Emirates phoned him during the prayer time of a meeting and held the phone up so he could hear and respond as he had been suffering severe head pains for sometime. He had seen many specialists in the U.A.E.and taken many medicines but had no cure. Whilst Jane was praying he put his hand on his heart and was completely healed after 2 days!

A woman and distant family member of the people Jane was staying with, was in terrible pain and had sickness in her tummy. She had been going to the doctor’s and different hospitals over the last month but was deteriorating fast. Her family sensed she was dying as her breathing was going and her whole body was starting to convulse. One of the family remembered Jane was in Pakistan so called her on the mobile from the woman’s hospital bedside to ask her to pray over the phone. The next day after the prayer she was completely healed! A few days later a relative drove over an hour to bring the woman to meet Jane, give her testimony and say thank you as she was so grateful for what God had done.

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