Nuremberg Germany Testimonies

Inner Healing Conference at Every Nations Church, Nuremberg, Germany.


Sara’s Testimony

(Names have been changed for protection)

“Since I’m small I always had the feeling that I’m a burden for others. I saw myself as flawed and having no value. I felt even more like this since I went to Auschwitz as a German last year. Shame laid upon me like a dark blanket especially because of what had happened during the Third Reich. Since Jane prayed with me I can look myself in the eye again. I feel loved and valued without needing to fulfil any conditions. I feel freed on the inside and I’m able to walk upright like never before.”

David’s Testimony

“After Jane started praying for me I could feel a comfortable rest and relaxation in my body. God gave me a memory of my childhood when my father was beating me so hard in his anger that I thought I would die. As the prayer went on I was able to forgive him for his anger and rage. I was also able to forgive myself for past mistakes as well. After we broke of barrenness and I forgave the adultery my ancestors committed I felt a deep rest in my body. When Jane asked me how I see myself in God I started to laugh deeply from the bottom of my heart because I had a picture of myself sitting upon His lap and God was rejoicing over me. Since that time I have a deeper peace and rest and I can approach different matters and problems with ease. I’m also more able to concentrate and I have more joy in life. I also feel that my fears decreased.”

Ester’s Testimony

“For me the weekend with Jane was a big blessing, especially because I’m an artist as well and I wish that God uses my works to bless and touch others. Unfortunately I don’t do many artworks; I am blocked somehow by something, which are high expectations of myself. “Do not despise the small beginnings” was one of the many words, Jane heard for us from God on this weekend. This encouraged me to let go of my expectations and do small and more simple things, give them away and see what God is doing with it. I already met someone who appreciates one of those easy works and ordered one for himself. He even wants to pay!”

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