New Life Sewing School

Khanewal, Pakistan

…A Sewing School for the poorest of the poor… ” to give a Future and a Hope ” Jeremiah 29 v 11

new life sewing schoolNew Life Art Ministries in partnership with Harvestime Ministries, based in the Punjab, Pakistan have started a Sewing Project called New Life Sewing School. This provides training for uneducated women and girls forced because of their poverty, to work in homes as domestic servants where they are often subjected to sexual abuse and violence. Training lasts one year and during our first in operation, forty two women aged between fourteen to forty, graduated in September 2014. We hope to develop the school into a Creative Centre and expand training. We are currently registering the school with the Pakistan Government to increase validation of training and are developing a micro enterprise thus offering a way out of the cycle of poverty, hopelessness and abuse.

New Life Sewing School Student Testimonies

Many women will be saved from a life of terrible hardship and the youngest student has been rescued out of slavery. These are some of their stories and why they want to attend the school in their own words….
Names have been changed to protect student’s identity

1. “My name is Sara and I have two sons, one is four years old and one is two years old and my husband always fight with me and he drink alcohol. I and my two sons we living without food many, many days. I am so poor and I am very broken from my husband because he don’t work and I have to take care my two sons. Some of my friends they tell me wrong ways to earn money, this is not good and last month I heard of NEW LIFE SEWING SCHOOL in Khanewal, Pakistan and I ask to Fozia to let me in. I thanks God for Jane Savvas who came in Pakistan and I enjoy women’s meeting in Khanewal and I were so bless and I hope I will go to New Life Sewing School and will learn how to sewing the clothes and after one year I will be able to earn money for my family”.

2. “My Name is Sandra I have one daughter and her age is nine years old and my son is eleven years old. I am widow and my husband passed away since five years and after my husband died all burden come on my shoulders and I start to work in Bricks Factories where I work twelve hours every day and earn little pocket money. Then I heard from someone that in Khanewal, Pastor Adeel is going to open a New Life Sewing School and I met with Fozia and ask her to that I want join school and after I finished there I can start my own work in my Home”.

3. “My name is Nina I am fourteen years old and my dad is passed away. After my dad died I start to work for a family where I live with them and they pay money to my mother so my duty is to clean their home and clean their clothes and every things and it is very hard work”.

One day the Sewing School Team went to visit Nina’s mother and she told them her daughter’s plight. They suggested to her “why don’t you send Nina in our New Life Sewing School for her bright future” and her mother was overjoyed to hear this and she made the decision to send her daughter to school. Nina was very happy and said : “Thank you Jesus for set me free from the Prison”

The sewing school team

The sewing school team

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El Color De Esperanza- The Colour of Hope

New life Art Ministries together with Karina, a Team member of Oikos Church, Lima, Peru have started a project called ‘El Color De Esperanza’ – The Colour of Hope.
The Project reaches out to the women, children and young people living in a local shanty town of Lima. Living conditions in slum areas of Lima and right across South America are well below the poverty line, drug use and gangs are rampant, crime levels high, the absence of men is prolific, broken family lives prevalent and all types of abuse common. There is no running water and electricity is tapped illegally from over head power lines. Most houses are nothing more than huts and often the basic sanitary conditions are absent.

Pacifico Shanty Town Lima, Peru where Oikos work

shipiboEl Color De Esperanza also works amongst the indigenous Shipibo Tribes People in the Jungle where Oikos have also planted Churches.

The aims of El Color De Esperanza are three fold:

To use the arts to bring the Truth of the Gospel and healing to shattered lives.
To release creative gifts bringing Colour to Grey Lives.
To teach New Skills in order to open opportunities for work and self employment, providing training for those who would otherwise never have a chance and live well below the poverty line.

The story of Karina

karinaKarina is a Team member within Oikos Church in the urban area of Chorrillos, Lima, Peru. She was left by her husband to raise her four children on her own. Her three adult daughters all have young children and often struggle to make ends meet. Her eighteen year old son is without a stable home and Karina often goes for days without hearing from him. Karina lives at present in a room provided by a leader of Oikos but has no home of her own or personal income. Her story is typical of many women in Peru.

Karina’s Dream

Karina loves making jewellery and other crafts. She also has a dream to use her artistic ability to teach creative skills to the women and children of the nearby shanty town and jungle where Oikos ministers as well as to the many young adults in drug rehabilitation centres. This will help provide opportunities for work and restore self esteem to those struggling with the endless cycle of poverty and brokenness.

The Future – How can you help?

Would you like the satisfaction of knowing you can transform the lives of those only just managing to exist, bringing colour and joy to grey lives full of depression and trapped in hopelessness?

To establish this work we need your financial support to train Karina in marketing and expand her artistic skills as well as providing materials and equipment for the on going work of El Color de Esperanza.

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