When God first talked to me about starting this ministry He gave me the word “Making Something from Nothing.” It was only at a later point I discovered it is Hebrew for Creation! As my art work has developed I realised you don’t need to have the latest  equipment or special materials, but you can create amazing works of art from what  you find all around you and what others might have thrown away as trash you can turn into treasure. In the same way many women and children’s lives have been trashed and left in ruins but God’s desire is for restoration and He can take each ‘Broken Piece’ and make it into something beautiful.

With God’s help this ministry seeks to restore broken lives, using the gifts of creativity and prayer to bring the Good News of Jesus, Joy, Healing and New skills to the lives of many.

Key Points of the ministry

  • To Help Design and Upgrade local ethnic art into work suitable for sale on the World Market
  • To Start small Micro Enterprises and Create job opportunities for those without support or any means to get employment
  • To Help Widows, Women or Orphans left on their own, to Provide for themselves and their families
  • To Bring Value and Worth to the Individual and Groups
  • To Reach out into Local Communities World Wide
  • To Touch and Heal those in need and Release them into their Creative skills & God given Potential
  • To Bring Fun and Colour into the Grey Lives of those who have nothing
  • To Teach New Skills and demonstrate the Love of God through the Arts
  • To Encourage, Equip, Strengthen and Complement other Ministries
  • To Release the local church into the Arts and Prophetic Art ministry as an act of Worship and a tool for Evangelism
  • To Raise the awareness of the plight of others

Teaching & Training

Creativity is an effective tool which can bridge the gap between all cultures, languages and age groups. Also it helps us to draw close to ‘The Creator of all’.

Many subjects are taught and can be tailor made for any age, size group or ability. One or two day workshops or training over several weeks can be provided depending on the requirement and location.

Specialised Workshops

Several New workshops have been introduced to bring Freedom, Healing, Intimacy with God and Release creative ability.

Intimacy though Creativity

This teaches how to come into God’s Presence, listen to His voice, make and keep a prophetic Prayer Journal, recording images and words received creatively.

Breaking Fear on a Journey of Discovery

Held back by fear? It’s satan’s biggest weapon against us! Come and breakdown the walls of fear through a day of creativity, teaching, testimony and ministry to walk and live in the freedom Jesus has won for us and discover all you are made to be.

What is Beauty?

So many of us, whether young or old, in today’s society with its values and broken family life suffer from low self esteem and lack of worth. We compare our beauty with what our culture or society tells us, or believe lies about ourselves by the way we have been treated by others and what life has thrown at us, only to find we are trashed on the rubbish dump of life.
Come and find out your true beauty and intrinsic value through a creative day and destroy the lies about who you really are and see how God sees you, a Unique irreplaceable Beauty.

Jewel Creations

A day of teaching using an explosion of creativity and techniques to discover the treasure within and release your Creative Gifts and talents to bring a flood of colour and life.

Other Subjects

  • Painting & Drawing
  • Jewellery
  • Paper Making
  • Cards
  • Design & Sewing
  • Crafts
jewellery making
Jewellery making
Card Making using a wide range of techniques and materials.
Card Making using a wide range of techniques and materials.
Metal Embossing
Metal Embossing
Painting and Drawing skills using a great variety of mediums and techniques to include Mixed Media, Lino Printing, Fabric Painting, Marbling, Inks & Bleach, Murals & Prophetic Art etc.
Glass Painting for Cards